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Helping train doulas to understand and support the neurodiverse community together.

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Is a DONA certified doula. I believe that every birthing person deserves to have a positive and respectful birth experience that honors their unique needs and preferences. I also believe that neurodiversity is a natural and valuable part of human diversity, and doulas can play a key role in supporting neurodivergent families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I have supported many families with diverse backgrounds and needs. As a neurodiverse (Neuro Spicy) person myself, I have a unique perspective, which helps me to understand and respect the different ways that neurodivergent people communicate, process information, and express emotions. This is why I created Nuero Spicy Birth to make the birth world more equitable.

I offer online and in-person training courses that cover topics such as prenatal interview skills, birth preparation, and advocacy. My courses will help you to enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence as a doula who works with neurodivergent families. You will also learn how to create a more inclusive and supportive doula community that celebrates neurodiversity.

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Welcome to Neuro Spicy Doula Training!

Online & In-Person Training Courses

Are you ready to embark on a journey of compassion, understanding, and support for neuro spicy families during their most transformative moments? Join me for either an online or in-person training course tailored specifically for doulas like you. Gain invaluable insights and practical skills covering prenatal interview techniques, birth preparation strategies, and effective advocacy methods.

Online LIVE Training Course: (Tuesdays August 27th - September 24th 7-9 PM EST)

My flagship course, Neuro Spicy Birth, will equip you to better serve your neurodiverse doula clients while caring for yourself. This course is for all doulas who want to gain skills to tailor support to neurodiverse clients, whether they are neurodiverse themselves or not. We will cover the following topics:

Module 1: Understanding neurodiversity

Module 2: Prenatal support for neurodiverse clients

Module 3: Labor and birth support

Module 4: Postpartum support

Module 5: Lactation support

Module 6: Specialized techniques and tools

Module 7: Self-care

    • Duration: 10 hours total
    • Test provided at the end of the course
    • Digital certificate for neurodiverse training emailed to you upon completion
    • You will also receive a digital badge for your website

In-Person Training Course: (November 9th, 2024 10 am EST)

This program is designed to give you insights and take your practice and education will focus on prenatal support for neurodiverse clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and make a difference.

    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Test offered online through the Neuro Spicy Birth website at the end of the course
    • Digital certificate for neurodiverse training emailed to you upon completion

    • One-on-One Mentorship Sessions:

Our mentorship program is designed to provide personalized support and guidance as you navigate your doula career.

    • Tailored to your specific challenges and approach
    • Virtual and In-Person sessions available
    • Fees apply for mentorship services

Previously recorded:

  • Revolutionizing Lactation Support for Neurodivergent Families

Come learn how to better support your neurodivergent clients in their lactation journeys! Join TaKiesha Smith, founder of Neuro Spicy Birth, DONA-certified doula, and Certified Lactation Consultant, for 10 tips and strategies to help neuro spicy parents make and move their milk.

Together, let's enhance your abilities, deepen your knowledge, and boost your confidence in providing exceptional care to neurodiverse families. Embrace inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and become the advocate these families deserve. Let's embark on this incredible journey together!

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2023 Indiana Breastfeeding Conference Speaker




Indiana Breastfeeding Conference



2023 Dona Summit Speaker on Doulas and Stillbirth Prevention.




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2023 and 2024 Indiana State Ambassador for Count the Kicks Program.




Count the Kicks

2023, 2024

Indiana State Ambassador

If you are looking for a certified doula to elevate your event, look no further! Invite TaKiesha Smith, a certified doula and passionate advocate, to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s discussing birth preparation, prenatal care, or navigating the journey of neurodiverse families, TaKiesha brings insight and compassion to every engagement. Reach out to her directly at to arrange an enriching and inspiring experience for your audience!

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